Elena and her Samsung GALAXY S4

video AD animation

This a Ad for SAMSUNG that i made for a Eyeka contest and i won the second prize.  I am the director , the editor and the animator The purse of the constest was to illustrate the 3 new camera fonctions of the Galaxy S4. For that i choose to portrayed a realistic relationship between Elena and her Samsung S4. The video is quirky and honest and really enjoyed how it’s delved into a behind the scenes look at how Elena uses her smartphone during her day.
I also redesign the UX and UI of the galaxy S4 camera screen to real screen scale.
Director : Maxime MABOMONA 
Filmographer : Oscar BOISSIERE 
Main character : Betty MARAIS Character : Jonathan LOUIS 
Editor/Motion : Maxime MABOMONA 
Sound : Gille MILLE
voice-over : Megan Logan
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